Hypnobabies®  Childbirth Hypnosis 

    For a more comfortable pregnancy, a calm confident Birth Partner, and an easier, much more comfortable natural birthing!

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Childbirth Preparation Classes


Prepared Childbirth Group Class

    4 week, 2-hour class, complete childbirth education course. Limited to six couples per session. All materials are included.


Prepared Childbirth Private Class

    4 week, 2-hours class, complete childbirth education course in your home. Available by request and availability only. All materials are included.


Course to include:

    •    A healthy & enjoyable pregnancy            •    What to pack!

    •    Useful vocabulary                                      •    When to leave for the hospital 

    •    The Labor Process                                     •    When to call your Doula    

    •    Comfort measures and techniques         •    Pain relief options

    •    Recognizing Labor                                     •    Planning for the unexpected

    •    The Birth Plan                                            •    Breastfeeding overview    

    •    The role of your support persons            •    ...and much, much more!!    


*Suggested class attendance, beginning between 28 & 31 weeks.        

Pregnancy is the time to plan and prepare, on the big day the laboring mother’s job is to Breathe & Relax... Her support team is responsible for everything else!
— Lea