Hawaiian Massage for Pregnancy

March 25-26 2017

No prior massage training required.

This class is open to Massage Therapists, Doulas Prenatal Yoga instructors and other Birth and Health Care professionals who want to acquire the skills to help provide comfort to pregnant women.

A gentle but effective massage for the mother to be, nurturing the whole body and targeting the areas most effected by pregnancy. In this workshop students will learn massage techniques appropriate for all stages of pregnancy as well as contraindications.

Day 1 : You will learn massage techniques on mats, chairs and birth balls so that the techniques can be adapted to the needs of the client in any setting. Acupressure points for use in stimulating and augmenting labor, self care and exercises to help prepare the body for birth will also be covered. Contraindications for massage during pregnancy, anatomy and common complaints of pregnancy are covered in this class.

Day 2 : You will learn techniques on massage tables completing a basic full body side-lying massage routine.

Instructor has practiced pregnancy massage for over 18 years and is a DONA certified birth doula with experience in both home and hospital births. She has successfully offered natural labor induction through massage and acupressure for women who otherwise would have been artificially induced.

$195 if you register with a non refundable $50 deposit by January 31 2017 $245 after.  Approved for 12 hours of continuing education for massage therapists with the NCBTMB and doulas with DONA.  

Birth doulas have the option of attending either Day 1 only for 6 DONA CEU's or both days for 12 CEUs.  The price for day 1 only is $125 before January 31 or $150 after.

Massage therapists must attend both days to Earn NCBTMB CEU's.

Space is limited to 12 students for the full weekend there will be only 4 additional spots available to take only day 1.

Register below with a non-refundable $50 deposit.



Carrie Rowell
Hamoea Healing Arts LLC


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Oahu Birth Services on KITV 4, Island News

Hypnobabies Classes Available on Oahu!

Hypnobabies Classes Available on Oahu!

     This May, we packed our doula bags (and then some) and headed to the 2016 New Baby Expo to kick off the start of Hypnobabies Classes that are now available on Oahu!!

     Directly across from one of our favorite chiropractors, Dr. Robert Anderson, we spent the weekend encouraging expectant couples to think positively about their upcoming births! Many of our doula families stopped by and added their personal Birth Affirmations, and I was happy to catch up with my doula-babies while they did so!

     The biggest surprise of the weekend was being chosen for a news clip, by Hawaii's beloved Yunji De Nies of KITV Channel 4, Island News. Speaking of surprises, our own,  Shallin Shelby, doula and photographer extraordinaire, correctly guessed Yunji's adorable baby bump! It was confirmed in another clip which aired the following week!

     Oahu Birth Services is famous!! No, not really... we still shred our own paperwork, answer our own calls... Even at 3am!

     Top right photo is our Birth Affirmations canvas... As Expo-go'ers stopped by, we asked them what they thought of when they thought of "Birth". Interestingly enough, we ALL have a belief system about BIRTH. More importantly, this Belief System can be changed! We then asked expectant parents to think of a word, or a phrase of what they'd like for their birth, write it on our canvas, and to take this with them... to FOCUS on only the positive. What we tend to FOCUS on, can impact what we achieve! The mothers that we spoke to left our booth with a spring in their step, and EXCITED to continue their birth preparations!

     Our doula families that visited wrote Birth Affirmations, so personal, endearing and inspirational that I had to stop reading! (Sniff, Sniff) We're hoping in time, before the end of the year, this canvas is FILLED... with positive words, affirmations, encouraging everyone to know that birth is Healthy, Normal, and with preparation can be a wonderful experience to be cherished for a lifetime!

     So... what is your Belief System about birth... Where did it originate from... Does it serve you and your family? 


Lea & Shallin

Lea & Shallin

A BIG Mahalo to Doula Yvonne Gray of Wunder Birth for all your help!

Aloha!!           -Oahu Birth Services, LLC

New Baby Expo - Sat. & Sun. May 14th & 15th Come See Us!

Advanced Practice Midwifery Course - November 2016




Host this AP training in your area and custom design a workshop that meets your community's need for skills advancement. Choose from two paths of study; Business or Clinical Skills during 2 to 5 days of work/skillshop from topics listed below. 



  • Brainstorm your ideal practice model and structure
  • Develop knowledge of legal responsibility of business ownership, including: city, county, state, and federal laws, the required inspections, and needed business and professional licenses
  • Create successful marketing strategies, advertising options, and discuss public relations in your area
  • Define and discuss budgeting, software and equipment purchases and successful strategic planning
  • Discuss several successful staffing/student structures
  • Discover pros and cons of an in-house vs out-source billing
  • Understand the roles of allied business professionals


  • Venipuncture practice with phlebotomy skills & IV placement and administration (4 hours)
  • Post dates diagnosis, non-pharmaceutical cervical ripening & labor induction including herbs, oils, homeopathics, natural prostaglandins & oxytocin release, and bulb foley placement (1.5 hours)
  • Internal fetal head positioning and re-positioning & cervical lip diagnosis & treatment (1 hour)
  • Advanced fetal monitoring, out-of-hospital NST & fluid assessment (1 hour)
  • Twins, breech, and external version techniques (1 hour)
  • Shoulder dystocia prevention and management with hands on mannequin practice and role plays (2 hours)
  • Preventing tears, performing episiotomy, and repairing lacerations including labial, clitoral hood & 3rd degree extensions (4 hours)
  • Hemorrhage diagnosis & treatment, estimated blood loss and urinary catheter placement (1 hour)
  • Newborn latch & mouth assessment, identifying and treating thrush & identifying and treating tongue and lip tie (1 hour)



Nov 4, 5, & 6



Nov 11 & 12

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Hypnosis In Childbirth

Hypnobabies is a very comprehensive, unique and successful childbirth hypnosis program for creating an easier, more comfortable birth experience. I have attended quite a few births with mothers using Hypnobabies and I was so impressed I've started the Hypno-Doula Training! While I've never personally used hypnosis during one of my own births; I highly recommend it!

     Home Study Courses, individual MP3 tracks and Hypno-Doula Training products are available.  - To order or learn more, Click Here.

CAPPA Doula Trainning

"Last night for the Labor Doula training special. Welcome in the new year with a commitment to a new heartfelt career! Please share widely. I just need a commitment of 10 people for this price to hold a workshop in Hawaii! Location will be the north shore! I give a $50 discount on top of it for every referral you make as well . So pass the word on!" - Doula Ruth Kraft‎

"Last night for the Labor Doula training special. Welcome in the new year with a commitment to a new heartfelt career! Please share widely. I just need a commitment of 10 people for this price to hold a workshop in Hawaii! Location will be the north shore! I give a $50 discount on top of it for every referral you make as well . So pass the word on!" - Doula Ruth Kraft

For more information: